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State Secession, Civil War or Revolution?
While I would never argue a right of the States to secede, it is true we have been down this dark road before which cost many lives on both sides of the Civil W... Posted by
Prayer For Peaceful Resolution to Oregon Standoff
The situation in Oregon has taken a dramatic turn after the arrest and death of Lavoy Finicum last night. The people remaining at the refuge are literally diggi... Posted by
Capture The Flag!
Capture_The_FlagWe as Americans are becoming divided by symbols and flags while our enemies unite under common banners to do us harm.  We have seen a divis... Posted by
Honor, Duty, Sacrifice and Death in the Name of Freedom, the Militia stood ready to defend the life, property and freedom from all enemies, foreign or domestic.... Posted by
American Revolution 2.0 - Are You Ready?
Many Americans today are just plain fed up with the federal government. For them, the thought of a national uprising or revolution against the usurpers in power... Posted by
The Imbalance of Power
We the people, in our fallible wisdom, long ago attempted to establish a form of governance in America which purports a balance of power over our lives and libe... Posted by
The Militia = Love
Love of CountyLove of Your NeighborLove of Liberty The militia is not a hate group! There are reasons why our Constitution mentions the militia, and it has lit... Posted by
The Bill of Wrongs
The way things have been going, many of us are left wondering why we have a Bill of Rights when our government so readily violates them in the laws they create ... Posted by
An American Solution to Radical Islam
Islam is a result of history concerning a warring general Muhammad, a man who claimed he was a prophet and who raised an army to kill anyone who opposed his tea... Posted by
A Nation Divided
This comes from a recent post I made on facebook regarding unity of the militias.  I copied it here so others could read it...United we stand, divided we f... Posted by

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