A Nation Divided

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This comes from a recent post I made on facebook regarding unity of the militias.  I copied it here so others could read it...
divided we fallUnited we stand, divided we fall. Our problem of coming together is far bigger than egos or proper funding. The numbers in terms of people are there. The problem is the oppressive society that has made the sheep, which it is our duty to shepherd, largely convinced by the media and public education system that those of us that desire the true protection of liberty are inherently evil, and that the wolves are the better option.

This did not happen overnight, nor will it be settled quickly. The erosion of our republic is so great, that a majority are certain we live in a democracy, and while I loathe that word, a democracy is what we have allowed. Benjamin Franklin had warned us of our failure to maintain our Republic. The sheep in the flocks that surround us are NOT our enemy, even if they fail to see the light. We have outsourced the protection of our liberty to paid government employees that the Supreme Court has ruled have no responsibility of protecting us.

I know it has been said before that its going to take a grassroots movement in order to have any chance to gain back our Republic. Yet, many patriots will say its been tried and can not be done. Many feel there is no choice but a revolution. Some will differ on their opinions of our chances to execute such rebellion successfully. I have been observing the problems of unity and am working to address it, and plan to devote my life to such purpose, through the AMA, which has its core mission of training and arming the militia, but also to unify the tribes, not under central command or leadership, but as a supporting organization to conduct the massive coordinated efforts required to win the hearts and minds of the people of this nation who currently wear wool coats which must be shed in the heat of the battles yet to come. This is our nation, we are its sovereign rulers, yet as long as we continue to allow the tyrants and their allies to conduct their mind war against the American people unopposed, we will remain divided, and thus failure will truly enslave us for generations.

My proposal is for us to take a grassroots campaign to a level which has not been seen before. I am fully aware of what went wrong in this Republic and what we must do if we are to ever have a chance at restoring it as the champion of liberty which the rest of the word will both fear and admire as to our level of strength and resolve. I invite all patriots to join me in these efforts, but this will be real work, real team building and networking unlike anything in the movement thus far. Boots will be needed on the ground across the nation, and by engaging in such an endeavor I have no doubt that the number of boots will grow exponentially.

While combat training is essential for SHTF and protecting your liberty, there is much more to be done than that. We must take the reins of this nation away from those who would deliver massive death and starvation to our people in the wake of policies and treaties which will bring this nation to its knees, leaving a hole to be filled by something far worse than the unruly mob of a democracy, such as an oligarchy or dictatorship.

If you are seriously fearful of what will become of our children, you have to hear the call and act before we lose all hope. There are serious thoughtful ways to approach our issues, and we must all come together in an organized fashion to see the business of our nation completed as required in a highly professional manner, not as simple bands of warring rebels, but civil committees and commissions supporting as many communities from across the nation as we can muster with concrete plans for the salvation of our liberty, with real boots on the ground activism that can not be ignored.
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