American Revolution 2.0 - Are You Ready?

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American Revolution 2.0Many Americans today are just plain fed up with the federal government. For them, the thought of a national uprising or revolution against the usurpers in power sounds like a pretty good idea. They are sick and tired of the tyranny that plagues the nation and are eager for change, even if that means spilling blood.

Having lost all hope in the electoral process and witnessing the stripping away of our rights, some question if we have reached that critical point spoken about in the Declaration of Independence where a long train of abuses and usurpations reduce our nation under absolute Despotism and whether or not the current state of our government is utterly destructive to our unalienable rights.

Our founders believed that a long established system of government should not be changed for light and transient causes, to which most will agree.  Yet if you compare the issues facing the colonists during the first American Revolution and those of us living in America today, many would argue that the federal and state governments of the United States are far more tyrannical than the King of England ever was.

In recognizing the right and duty to throw off such despotic Government, and to provide new Guards for the future security of our liberties, its a great wonder why our nation has survived this long without another revolution, or has it? 

The acts of the earliest militias were vilified as unruly seditious mobs, including Daniel Shays' rebellious group of veteran farmers protesting against ridiculous property taxes and property takings by the courts based on laws orchestrated by the politically elite.  Let us not also forget the Whiskey Rebellion of 1791 thru 1794, when the people were angered by the federal government's first major imposition of a national excise tax on a domestic product.  This was clearly seen by many rural western settlers as one of the earliest tyrannical acts committed by the new nation which had just gained independence from unjust taxes on documents and tea less than two decades before the Whisky Excise Tax Act was passed. Although the Constitution does grant authority to the federal government to tax, special provisions of this particular act favored larger distilleries in the eastern cities rather than individual rural producers in the west.

In both cases of rebellion, it was other militia forces that were ultimately mustered to put these armed protests down, with a federal justification stemming from the classification of these civilian uprisings as acts of insurrection.

In the next century, the nation saw Civil War, which has been given many names, including the Second American Revolution, perhaps establishing it as the true version 2.0.  It was this war which resulted in the death of roughly 2% of the American population and more than 620,000 souls, which is more than the combined deaths of every other war fought by this nation since its founding.  This war was not merely about slavery issues, but more specifically about the right for states to secede from the Union, which was ultimately a question settled by the force of arms.

The southern states' attempt as secession failed as they were finally forced to remain within the Union after losing the war.  The right of revolution described in the Declaration of Independence unfortunately can only be obtained when victorious in combat.  Change was indeed an impact of this war, although not the change which was desired by the South.  While many would agree that emancipation of the slaves was a well received and desired change, further oppression was mandated by the Reconstruction Acts and additional legislation which followed them.

In any attempt at revolution, there will be likely be some measure of consequences other than death or destruction.  Anyone embarking on such a quest must give weight to the consideration to many possible outcomes, especially if the odds for success are not in one's favor.  Many who might hope for a peaceful Article V convention of the states to alter the Constitution risk further removal of protected rights and new authorities being granted to the government should such a convention ever actually take place.

The idea that some sort of armed, militant conflict being necessary to make critical changes to our form of government is far from any sort of new concept or thought process.  History and reality will dictate its possibility.  The entire world has undergone a number of revolutions throughout mankind's history, and many are actively going on even today.  International news tells us daily stories about ongoing revolutions, rebellions and militia activities happening in many countries at this very moment.  Revolution, was envisioned by our founders as a necessity which constrains us to alter government, and is essentially the required rotation or change in the structure of our social and political atmosphere amidst all of the dynamics of the success and failures of our attempts to live together peacefully in compact rather than a state of nature, where victory in battle dictates all outcomes.

The next American Revolution will likely determine if we can survive under one united nation or become ultimately splintered into various parts or thrown into a perpetual state of nature where successful violence will triumph over any rule of law.
Our founders knew of this danger and gave us our Constitution, almost masterfully designed to protect against the necessity for revolution, its text surviving as our compact for more than two centuries, even in spite of rebellion and civil war.

The union was held together at the end of the Civil War primarily because General Robert E. Lee surrendered and refused to support southern fighters taking to the mountains to conduct perpetual insurgent campaigns of guerilla warfare against the north.  The right for a state to secede was never mentioned within the wording of the Constitution, even though some States sought the inclusion of such a clause as a condition for ratification. In effect, the States entered into a perpetual compact that history has proven would not be allowed to be broken, unless resulting from majority agreement or the successful military campaign of war.

Essentially no State or territory in these United States of America can leave the Union without a victorious, successful revolution, which unfortunately has very little chance of being secured absent sufficient military superiority. For most however, secession is far from the desired result of a considered revolution.

The primary aspiration of most of today's American Revolutionaries is the correction of the errors in our social system and removal of all existing tyranny and oppression caused by a failure to uphold our compact in its entirety.  Many Americans today who contemplate some sort of revolt do so mainly for a conceptual restoration and execution of the Constitution, as the supreme law of the land which should justly override the errors of all invalid regulations and acts of usurpation by elected or otherwise appointed despotic officials.

I personally share in the common belief that any revolution today should be based not upon the abolition of government, but its correction brought about by the genuine enforcement of our compact.  We should not be quick to label such a revolution as an act of insurrection or rebellion, although the enemy will be quick to frame it as such.  The true enemy of these United States are the seditious tyrants occupying power throughout various levels of our state and federal government who defy their Oath to support and defend the Constitution.

In the case of such an impending conflict, the battle lines are unfortunately blurred due to massive political opposition to such ideas by a population which many of us consider as either to be blindly misled or otherwise grossly ignorant of the concepts of liberty, capitalism, republicanism or our mutual contractual obligations under the Constitution.  Some of our opposition are even entirely indifferent to our compact and favor true democratic mob rule or something far worse.

The boundaries between opposing forces in earlier conflicts were more clearly defined by territorial boundaries.  During both the first American Revolution, between the colonists and British forces, and the war between the States, there were of course some number of tories and dissenters existing within the population, yet their minority had little influence on the overall campaign.  Those considering revolution today must consider that there are no clear territorial lines, absent cooperation of local political jurisdictions. Most of the nation is divided on a host of issues, where in the case of military conflict you could easily find an enemy within your own community and in some cases even in your own household.

The comradery which exists between most of today's members of the patriot and militia movements are generally limited to those like minded and involved individuals located across several political boundaries and are absent any major general consensus or support from any genuine political majority among particular communities.  As publicly sponsored law enforcement has replaced the individual duty to the community by all of its members, the unfortunate consequence has been a severe disconnect between separated neighbors surrounding local, State or national affairs.  More than two thirds of our population do not involve themselves in the affairs of their communities or local town or city council policy making processes. 

Getting people together to change government through the electoral process is almost impossible in an environment where such a large segment of the population is neither educated nor interested in political affairs.  The fact that political parties and candidates are being funded by huge corporations and associations, results in a situation where the elite class just have way too much power and influence over legislation and little care for protecting individual rights.  Of course, it's our own collective fault for blindly allowing the parties to create both the problems and solutions appearing to face our nation.  By simply allowing these party machines to frame all of our political arguments and optional cures, the result will normally be an oppressive act or regulation that violates someone's right.  Regardless of which party wins an electoral battle, we continue to blindly lay the groundwork for some eventual reduction in our liberty when we play their well orchestrated game under their established rules rather than our own original compact.

It seems a futile effort to try and fight against such power through the exercise of an individual right to vote, especially when the list of candidates are rigged, and the polls are invaded by outsiders or paid operatives of the parties and private interests seeking to enlarge their political influence.  Politicians, once elected, who swear an Oath to support and defend the Constitution commonly ignore it altogether or create mythical interpretations of its clauses to support their actions.

As revolution is relatively deemed a final step in a series of options available to us,  many have tried other avenues of recourse.  Protests, rallies and grassroots political campaigns have been attempted over several decades revealing no acceptable solution to the problems which face our dwindling republic. We have been forced to witness the continued reduction of our liberties and stand by in amazement as even our expressly written protected rights fade away almost entirely into oblivion as our failures with these approaches continue to have no great effect.  Revolution, therefore becomes a path completely worthy of consideration.

When considering revolution however, we must ask ourselves if we are truly ready to take such a path.  We must give great consideration to our ability to unite and successfully execute such a war.

Are we ready?

The answer unfortunately is an absolute NO.  While some of you may disagree with that answer, I beg you to search deeper in your heart and mind.  Motivation and willingness is not the same as readiness. We have already permitted the hinderance of our potential success through a long history of allowing our government to regulate so many aspects of our lives, that the blade of the people is utterly dull and ineffective.  Readiness is however something which can be achieved, but it will take a well thought out model and plan to get us to that point.

Readiness would be essential for a successful revolution, however its value would have a far greater impact than any actual war could ever hope to achieve.  True readiness of the people to execute the laws of our Union will stand as the strongest deterrent against acts of tyranny.  I have dedicated my life to the very purpose of such readiness and have created a rather sophisticated plan for which I personally invite your participation.

Like many of you, I do believe that the rule of law should guide us, and that our laws are only valid if they conform to the United States Constitution.  Obviously an act of insurrection or sedition by any tyrant is a criminal act, and we the people, as militia, have the ultimate authority to quell such insurrections.  Yet, many will argue that we can only do so at the behest of Congress and guidance of the President of the United States.  Our President can lead a group of militia forces against any group of people who banded together in unlawful rebellion, completely in accordance with our Constitution.  This means that we must be careful in our words, properly identifying the criminals and turning the tables on holders of political office who commit sedition when they work to convince us to support laws which violate the principles of the Constitution.

The ultimate source of our civil power is derived from our Declaration of Independence and the blood spilled by those who brought it into effect.  Our task is the execution of our ordained law, which is our right, and not an act of insurrection or rebellion. We the people must learn to properly wield our power through the ignored branch of government protected by our Constitution, which is the institution of the militia.

The concept of the term 'militia' has changed in the minds of the people from its original historical meaning at the time the Constitution was written.  Much of this was the result of new laws, however many neglect to consider that Congress was never granted any authority to redefine the terms within our compact.  A number of Militia Acts were passed throughout our nation's history, and with the 1903 Dick Act we saw our own government redefine the militia into two distinct classes, that being an organized National Guard and an entirely unsupported and "unorganized" militia.

However, in reality, the National Guard was something entirely different from the original meaning of militia and has a primary function as a reserve component of the standing army of the federal Government, which can be used to fight in overseas military actions under orders of the President as well as a dual role as select state militias under the command of a governor.  Officer are not elected or appointed by the states, as promotions and commands mainly occur at the federal level, as does the majority of training.  The size and supply of the National Guard are limited by budgets and only paid volunteers who meet specific requirements are permitted to serve.  Such a force would be inadequate in many respects, however they are far better armed and trained as those who find themselves in the unorganized category.

The unorganized militia is basically everyone who is not a member of the National Guard or federal service of the United States.  Being "unorganized" means that they are provided with nothing from either the state or federal government, and this state of nothingness has prevailed, essentially depriving the people of their authority absent any care or concern for liberty, and comfortable that government will always secure their best interests.  The true meaning of the militia has been lost.

The current state of this institution is in horrible shape.  Twisted unjust laws are only one source of this dilemma.  A twisted history of the militia and the militia movement has formed a rather widespread opinion of the institution as cells of armed gangs of felons, racists and extremist terrorist organizations full of hatred for government, the rule of law and particular ethnic or religious groups.  We can not allow that opinion to stand unchallenged. We must seek the recognition of our right to have our militia, and thwart all attempts to admonish the institution as anything other than its original meaning, which is the entire population armed and trained for the proper execution of our laws and defense against insurrection or invasion by any foreign or domestic enemy.  This institution must also be effective at meeting each of these purposes.

While Congress is supposed to provide standards for our training under a set military discipline, they have ignored that responsibility entirely.  While federal and state governments do fund the National Guard with uniforms, arms, ammunition, and a variety of support systems, we the people, in our own local jurisdictions are essentially abandoned.  There is no budget for genuine militia training, no legal requirement for attendance and no broad election by the States to provide adequate management or appointment of its officers.  Yet billions of dollars are spent each year on national defense, supporting the standing armies under direct control of the tyrannical leadership of state and federal government.  The result is a well financed police state, for which the people have little control or influence.

What has been clear in our American history is that money equates to power, and in the case of the militia, the power of the people originally held by an exchange of taxation has been reduced into oblivion by both the devaluation and misappropriation of our tax dollars.  Our "unorganized" militia will be powerless against funded State and Federal standing or reserve armies should we come against them in a field of battle.  Only genuine local volunteer and public funding of our militias through the cooperation and standards of a national unifying organization could possibly correct this problem.  That organization, we hope, shall be the American Militia Association.

While not answering the question of how we might deal with those in our own households and communities who disagree with us on particular issues, our primary problem in conducting a successful revolution is the lack of our capability to act as a viable military force complete with a support structure enabling its supply.

Sure, you can sit there with your stockpile of guns and rifles and talk about what you might do, but let us please be a little bit realistic for just a moment.  You are of little threat to the powers that be.  Sure, you and your band of merry followers might last more than a few hours, maybe even a few months bunkered down in your compound. I'll concede that is possible, but ultimately the majority of the nation will be waiting to see your compound catch fire just as they watched the horrors that unfolded in Waco, Texas.  Small strike teams engaging in hit and run tactics might have some impact, but that will likely cause Congress to approve calling forth the National Guard to hunt you down and kill you.  Because they have all of the money and all of the influence, there will be little to do other than hide or stand foolishly alone or in a small group and die in a hail of bullets.

I do apologize for being so blunt and straight forward about the likely success of an ill prepared revolution, it is not meant in any way to be condescending or insulting.  In fact, I would be proud to stand with you and die for the cause of liberty, even in the face of hopelessness!

If you have read this far, I hope you will read further because if you truly want the change necessary to protect our liberty, I have dedicated my life to this cause and would like to enlist your support in realistic genuine solutions that will restore the power of the people and have a real chance at our holding on to the freedoms we wish to leave behind for our children.

I created the American Militia Association with a purpose of training and arming the militia.  I am talking about the real militia, not some contrived notion created by the political elite.  Not simply a bunch of guys and gals who simply feel as you and I do, because unless we function together with our local communities, how could we ever be considered anything other than an armed lawless gang or mob, to be put down by the paid protective forces of the state?

You may be saying to yourself, "Oh no, this guy has yet another idea for some far fetched grassroots movement that will never take hold."

I have spent a lot of time studying the history of the militia movement, its leadership, problems regarding unity, successes and failures and more.  I have spoken at length with leaders across the spectrum of the movement and consulted with many Constitutional historians and law professors and continuously work and strive toward coming up with sound solutions that will ultimately effectuate real change.  While the solution may seem easy enough after you learn more about it, there is real work that must be done with boots on the ground by patriotic Americans that have the genuine drive to fight for our liberties, just like you.

Why is training and arming the real militia important? 

The answer is simple.  The people will be unable to assume their rightful power over well financed government forces unless they recognize their own individual duty to champion the cause of liberty through massive scale action across the nation.  Only when the sovereign sword of the people is sharp and ready to be yielded will elected officials be held accountable for their defiance and usurpation.  Only when the militia is in a state of genuine readiness could the people harness their rightful authority over the affairs of this nation.

While we engage in fights for our rights, such as the very rights protected by the Second Amendment which openly exclaims that the militia is necessary to the security of a free state, and that the people have a right to keep and bear arms, the government conspirators laugh and implement restrictions on such arms, well beyond their granted authority to do so.  The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms Enforcement routinely create regulations telling us what we can or cannot have, import or manufacture, and establishes fees and government taxes which significantly inhibit legal ownership or possession of sophisticated weapons that would be absolutely necessary in any major military confrontation with any enemy such as a well financed and trained government sponsored army or police force.

The American political system and courts have attempted to change the argument regarding arms possession to those used mainly for hunting or personal protection in the home, and regarding all other weapons as strange or unusual and not entitled to second amendment protection for the individual.  While this thinking is completely wrong, there still exists adequate exemptions to many of these infringing state and federal regulations which can only be exercised by very select organizations and institutions where such rules are either partially or entirely inapplicable.
This is one issue where the American Militia Association can offer a direct solution, through its local sponsored charters!

Without going into great detail at this stage, one effort of the Association will be the establishment of local armories used to store weapons for training activities.  We will in many cases be able to legally stock these armories with arms not easily or readily available to the public at large, including but not limited to Title II weapons which have specific military purposes.  There is no reason why such weapons can be maintained only by state and federal agencies and we have found the legal wiggle room necessary to provide these weapons lawfully for training and combat if necessary to a storage location near you.  The militia should always have access to those weapons which are in ordinary use and necessary for military combat and training.

Of course our plans for the rise of the real militias in America will not be something that will happen overnight.  We can't do everything at the national level, and you will need to act locally with our without support.  Yet before we dive too deeply into the plans of the organization, please understand that this Association is only an auxiliary support arm of the militia and in no way will ever conduct command or control activities of any local militias.  The American Militia Association is not a national militia!  It is the people who are the militia and our organization only a potential apparatus for that realization through our education programs and charitable efforts.

Many years of planning and discussions have gone into the formation of the American Militia Association which is now officially recognized by law as a non-profit public educational and charitable organization under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.  This legal distinction is critical to the strategy of our ultimate effort of providing for the training and arming the genuine militia.

What are some of the main reasons why 501(c)(3) status was adopted by the American Militia Association?

501(c)(3) organizations have been considered greatly curtailed organizations because they lack the right to support or endorse political candidates for office and cannot substantially engage in lobbying activities of any kind.  Churches suffer from these restrictions greatly.  Any militia body should be able to engage in all aspects of free speech, especially when making decisions to act or refrain from action.  Our Association however uniquely benefits more from the regulations than it does from any lack of first amendment protection.

First off, as a non profit organization we will adopt training and certification programs as well as policies that will lend public credibility to the national organization shared by other non profit public national organizations like the American Red Cross, which many political jurisdictions rely upon for CPR and First Aid certification of their first responders. Another example is the National Rifle Association which is famous for their firearms training courses and certification programs.

American Militia Association programs will be engineered to foster a sense of genuine service to the local community under new and existing programs in the areas of emergency response, crime watch, firefighting and safety prevention, search and rescue, auxiliary policing operations and military tactics.  Members will be given the all the tools and resources necessary to organize their local militias and guidance on the creation of local charters and associations with other organizations including the American Legion and VFW among others.

Although we are constrained by 501(c)(3) laws from endorsing or opposing active candidates for office, we will set up procedures by which the actions of elected officials can be closely monitored and reported upon, and where legal assistance can be charitably offered to victims of tyranny, including direct legal action against any officials proven to have violated their Oath to support and defend the Constitution.

While prohibited from substantial lobbying activities, we are permitted to take on political issues provided so long as our efforts are limited to a specfic percentage of our operating budget. The only political issues which our Association will involve itself will be a push for our members to pursue local legislation and ordinances which grant further protections and support for the militia at the county and town or city levels of government.  It is our position that a genuine militia can not be wholly controlled by the State ignoring the rights of the organized towns, cities and counties or even the individuals.  The ultimate authority of the militia comes not from any top down level of management, but rather a collective will of each part of the whole.  Every individual is entitled to determine his or her own willingness to act, to nominate and vote for the officers elected to lead them, and for local associations of them to determine their own fate.

There are several advantages of our 501(c)(3) status, not limited to the freedom from tax burdens which could inhibit our ability to implement our programs, or the ability to accept tax deductible contributions.  Our status also provides an exemption to a plethora of federal obligations, including those normally required under Title 18 § 2386 of the U.S. Code regarding the "Registration of certain organizations" engaged in civilian military activity.  This places the American Militia Association in a unique position where it shares the similar privileges of "the armed forces of the United States; or the organized militia or National Guard of any State, Territory, District, or possession of the United States; or any law-enforcement agency of the United States or of any Territory, District or possession thereof, or of any State or political subdivision of a State, or of any agency or instrumentality of one or more States."

Of particular interest to us, any challenge to our 501(c)(3) status also grants our organization standing, should such challenge pertain to the particulars of our training programs or our public statements. Such challenges could be taken directly to the federal court of appeals and then to the Supreme Court depending upon the outcome.  Since our primary educational purpose involves both the Constitution and the militia, the organization is in a very unique position to have actual standing on specific Constitutional issues should our government ever dare to attempt to use the law to harass, inhibit or otherwise challenge our efforts or modify our exemption status.

One of the basic principles supported by our organization is that the militia is necessary to the security of a free state, and while there are rules regarding the political activities of any 501(c)(3) organization, the Constitution is clear on this truth.  The only official political influence activities of the organization itself will be the teaching to our members the importance of upholding your elected officials to the Oath they took to support and defend the Constitution and the absolute necessity for local political jurisdictions to enact ordinances requiring the institution of the militia be kept up.

A 501(c)(3) also means that our organization will never discriminate based on race, ethnicity, religion, sexual or political preferences.  This will help keep those wishing to frame the organization as any sort of racist hate group from doing so, as nothing could ever be further from the truth.  Truth is what our organization is all about and the truth which we are most concerned with are those which are self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, and that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness, secured only by our collective willingness to protect them.

As an educational organization, the American Militia Association was also able to successfully acquire a Non Profit Educational low power FM station construction permit.  This will be converted to a full license this spring when we turn up our WHYU transmitter on 102.3 Mhz near our headquarters location in Southwestern Pennsylvania. This station is also already available over the Internet 24/7 and will have a number of improvements to its programming in the coming months.  WHYU answers the question, "WHY yoU are the militia!"

As a public charity, we will of course expect the public to fund our efforts which will culminate in programs designed to create nationwide military training to individuals and groups in each and every willing local political jurisdiction among every state in the Union.  Through local certifications, affiliations and charters fundraising efforts around the nation are possible, much like those familiar local organizations which include the American Legion, VFW, United Way, Salvation Army, and others.

The American Militia Association is the result of both my own personal search for a solution and the collaboration of experienced patriots and experts in Constitutional law.  Our bylaws which will be published on our website will give you an insight to our internal structure and policies all designed for perpetual operation and the fulfillment of our mission, stated in Article I, Section 1:

"The mission of the American Militia Association is to support and defend the Constitution of the United States of America by training and arming the people of this nation."

Many of you are ready to take some sort of action and have been looking for a solution but have been unable to find one.  You are tired of just waiting around and suffering the injustices of tyranny.  You are worried about what you will be leaving behind for your children.  You are hoping for someone to step up and lead the next American Revolution.

The American Militia Association wishes to provide guidance and leadership to you and your community for the restoration of your sovereign authority and the protections of your absolute right to enjoy the freedom we have for so long endeavored to maintain.  We must stand united or fall individually.  I urge you to consider membership in our Association and to provide any financial support you can muster for our common cause, and I look forward to standing by your side with boots on the ground and rifle in hand ready to obliterate any enemy attempting to cast aside our authority or dare to threaten our liberty.

Rob Kluver
AMA Founder & President

This blog post from an executive staff member is not to be contstrued as an official statement or act made by or on behalf of the American Militia Association and might not represent the views or opinions of the Association, its Directors, officers or employees.

Such posts and their comments are personal and not intended to represent the views of the organization.

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