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Statue of Liberty BurkaIslam is a result of history concerning a warring general Muhammad, a man who claimed he was a prophet and who raised an army to kill anyone who opposed his teachings and interpretations of biblical texts. When he died, his fellow generals continued his campaign of murder and created a movement of religious intolerance that remains a scourge upon this earth, where anyone who does not believe as they do must be killed or conquered. They have grown essentially into a borderless nation of Islam, and their aim is to spread the Muslim faith to every corner of the earth using the forced subjugation of all people of this world under the dictatorship of Sharia law, and upon the infliction of jihad and death to all non-muslims. In my opinion, this makes them a warring nation, and therefore enemy combatants which are not entitled to any protection under our Constitution.

They are essentially an invading force which many nations including our own have allowed into their midst, under a completely false notion that Islam is a nation of peace or that they are merely a religion which should be tolerated. I for one can see through the veil and understand the danger of Islam. This enemy nation is not lead by any single leadership structure, as they believe that their leadership is ordained directly by the word of God, and the words of the mass murderer and false prophet, named Muhammad who beheaded his enemies. Their army comes not from the confines of any single bordered country or continent. They are among us and among the world.

As seen in France, when there is enough of them to overpower the forces of good, the patriots of these nations who, like many of us, stand up to oppressive forces of evil, falter as these religious zealots begin a reign of terror and enforcement of Sharia law. Steadily now for the last 1400 years the nation of Islam has murdered Christians, Jews and other non-believers of the Muslim "faith" and has spread its influence upon the world. All followers of this "religion" are followers of the General Muhammad, so attempts to differentiate among them those which are radical extremists and those who are non-militant, generally makes little difference, in my opinion, since they each believe and support the rise of Allah's only true followers in their mission to take over the world and rid it of evil, and the Great Satan, commonly referred to as the United States of America.

As such, they are enemies of the country in which I was born and to which I must pledge my allegiance. I will not tolerate any attempt to subjugate my community to Sharia law, and will honor no rule, mandate or position that such enemy combatants be permitted to practice Sharia in our public places.

What they do in their own homes or mosques is their business, unless it violates our laws regarding murder, rape, child or spousal abuse. That is essentially what it means for us as members of a nation which tolerates many religious faiths. However, as seen in Michigan, radical Islam attempts to bring Sharia law to our public spaces, such as our schools, our streets, and our political subdivisions. The old saying which infers giving them and inch and they'll want more applies when giving into their political pleadings, as it is the ultimate goal of the most faithful to Muhammad to dominate the entire world under a single religion that includes one set of law and punishment.

Some local governments attempt to appease them. Sooner or later in these communities their population grows large enough that they may in fact take over the electorate and vote themselves and Sharia law into power. This is the "non-violent" wing of their movement, using the peaceful process of taking up residence and then gaining strength through reproduction and indoctrination of their youth. They then attempt to indoctrinate through the polity and use that means to their assent to power.

I am a tolerant man, and would never lay harm to another unless it was to protect the life and liberty of my family, my neighbors and my fellow countrymen. The nation of Islam is however indeed a threat to our way of life which is immediately apparent and recognizable by the genuine current and historical experiences of other countries which are being systematically taken over by the spread of Sharia law and the elimination of freedom.

The problem is, what do we do about it? Adolf Hitler thought similar things about Jews, and religious fears have been responsible for mass exterminations based on ideals of national protectionism and hatred. Protestants, Catholics, Christians, Jews and Muslims throughout history have been at war with each other, yet here in America, we are not legally restrained by or restricted to any single denominational faith, and anyone may even elect to follow no religion at all. It is part of what it means to be American, through our evolution which has been guided by our Constitution, that we do our best as a nation to tolerate all faiths. By making a distinction of all Muslims as enemies to our liberties unfortunately goes against such a spirit of tolerance.

However, tolerance is defined as: "the ability or willingness to tolerate something, in particular the existence of opinions or behavior that one does not necessarily agree with."

I think that here in the United States, most will agree that we will never tolerate Sharia law. We will not allow public (or private) community stoning, amputation or beheading in the name of religion.

As my ramblings and ponderance on this matter continues, I pause to consider the purpose of my words and conclude to resolve it must be a fervent warning as to the danger presented by Islam. Not a call to expel them from our lands, but drawing a clear line at which our great level of tolerance shall forever be expired concerning any individual who supports or promotes the destruction of our liberty.

Many may contend that the acts of terrorism against our people, that have already been committed against us, in the name of radical Islam, have already clearly established such a line in the sand. Many will also likely contend that the acts of our political leaders and special interest groups, who work to save themselves from the equitable distribution of American justice, and who themselves may be radical followers of a religion idolizing wealth and commerce, continuously subjugate us to tyranny and oppression. Unfortunately, the latter has become increasingly tolerated by the general population, and I fear any initial tidbit of tolerance of Sharia law presents a clear and present danger to our liberty and future prosperity, as the mass of conformists continue to show their degree of ignorance, especially to those of us aspiring to the notion that it is now left to us, as it had been in the past, to the III% who have recognized the necessity to guide our nation, by force of arms, and rid it of all foreign and domestic threats to our liberties and individual sovereignty. I strongly believe that we must band together and prepare to meet these threats with vigor and resolve, including the discussion of solutions to the problem Islam presents to our nation and our Constitutional principles of religious tolerance.

During World War II, the internment of Japanese Americans for many today would be out of the question as a solution for the threat being posed by followers of the Muslim faith. Yet, we must ask ourselves, how many terrorism incidents and senseless murders of our people will be tolerated before the level of hatred rises to such a level where we might embark upon the massive consideration of either their internment or measured confiscations of Muslim liberties on our soil. Will it be resolved that we will limit ourselves away from any general solution for the entirety of all followers of Islam, or shall we deal with each and every individual incident based on the merits presented in criminal cases regarding specific acts?

Should we chose the latter, we must be concerned with the evils of “democracy”.  Such an evil was recognized by our nation's founders who insisted rather upon the guarantee of a republican form of governance in the very wording of our Constitution, as they were indeed mindful of the dangers of the whims of majority rule, and opted for a Republic based upon the concept that all men are created equal, and that one group should not have the power to offend the security of the blessings of liberty that are guaranteed to all, and protected by the rule of law.  A democracy, which is essentially the rule of a mob, no matter how well organized it may appear, could decide to override the basic fabric of our Constitution to see their popular collective will accomplished, in defiance of the supreme law of the land, especially absent adequate resistance and enforcement by those who have been unjustly cast aside. An action such as internment or arrest for practicing a particular faith or political philosophy could be realized under a democracy just as easily as the passage of laws ultimately permitting the practices of Sharia, including its provisions of cruel and unusual punishment.

The First Amendment provides agreed upon protections against our freedom of religious practice, but not from it. Essentially, outlawing the practice of the Muslim faith would violate this agreement. It is part of our Bill of Rights, which some argue cannot be overturned by future Amendment. However reality unfortunately dictates otherwise, as our alleged system of democratic governance has repeatedly denied our liberties which were supposed to be protected from any encroachment. Yet, when it is the process which we ordained in our Constitution that allows for amendments has been properly followed, and changes are adopted in accordance to Article V, we are left to either endorse or oppose such modifications and act then according to our nature in response, which no law or parchment shall ever have the capacity to restrict, as such is our free will, afforded to us by our creation.

We have a right to rally around a cause and make agreements and compacts. We have a right to alter them as well as maintain many other inherent rights to do many things, yet we are always destined to suffer the consequence of their exercise. Muslims who attempt to promote Sharia law will ultimately suffer the consequence of nature by those will oppose it, with or without the support of government or law. Each man (and woman), according to his or her own conscience, is that very nature which we attempt to regulate for the good of our community through law, and where we establish methods of punishment for those would subjugate another to their will. However we neglect to realize that in so doing, we thereby subjugate ourselves as well, and as we have seen throughout the course of the human experience, these efforts have always resulted in a continued cycle of subjugation and punishment through revolution and warfare.

For more than 200 years we have attempted to cast a design upon the people of our nation a set of governing instruments to guide us in every circumstance for the general welfare our inhabitants. While our nation continues to exist after such a long period of time, it is constantly modified by the trials and tribulations of our attempts to sustain a workable solution to the myriad of problems presented by our own individual natural existence. Man continues its attempt to defy the will of nature through its establishments of religions and governments, and will always ultimately fail, when the fittest among us rise up, and through the power of death and force, command that which will not be tolerated.

For which issues and causes each of us decide to rise up and exert our energies shall ultimately decide our fates, I am left only to put my own belief in a higher power, that I believe will guide the course of nature, and upon that acceptance, I freely elect by my own will to join with others who shall no longer tolerate the abuse of our liberty, and through such combined strength and resolve, I will stand firmly against any doctrine or religion which has made any assumption of authority over my essential right to be free, so long as I do no harm which is not warranted. I shall desecrate my enemies and trample upon their doctrines staining it with their blood beneath my feet.

I will be free always, or die in such pursuit.

I will never tolerate Sharia law!

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