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The militia is not a hate group! There are reasons why our Constitution mentions the militia, and it has little to do with hate, racism or a far right political ideology.

The media has long portrayed the militia movement in America with hatred, racism and far right politics, but the truth of the matter is far different. The militia is the entire population of our nation, with a duty to protect eachother from harm so that we may peacefully live together to enjoy our rights and freedoms, which do not come from elected politicians or written documents. They are given to us by the mere nature of our creation and defended by our willingness to love ourselves and our neighbors so much that we are willing to sacrifice our lives to ensure liberty and justice for all.

Regardless of the color of your skin, your beliefs in a higher power or even lack thereof, we are all part of this nation by our birth or our migration, with an inherent freedom to pursue happiness together and separately, to make use of and enjoy our lands from sea to shining sea.  Yet, there are dangers that we will always encounter when we attempt to bypass our individual duty to protect our society from foreign and internal systems, that for their own special interests make attempts to limit our liberty.  This is an unavoidable consequence of governance, where we pay others to do our work, and then expect them not to exploit us for their own personal gains.

When our nation was formed more than 200 years ago, we ordained our current government structure by the adoption of our Constitution.  We sought to establish protection for our liberty and bond of brotherhood by giving it certain power to establish a framework whereby we could maintain peace between us and mutually provide for a defense against common enemies.  For several of the men who came together to create this great compact, they could not accept it without some statement which provided extra protection for our individual freedom, fearing the powers created by the document might be misinterpreted or abused.  That extra protection came to us in what we commonly refer to as the Bill of Rights or the first ten ratified Amendments to the Constitution.

These rights, which were already ours, prohibited our new government from encroaching upon our ability to worship as we wished, assemble together in peace, speak our minds, have the ability to provide for our mutual defense, not be forced into subjugation by a massive government overreach into our daily lives, be free from excessive force or punishments, have a right to be judged by our peers, not have our private pursuits invaded, and have the ability to live together in peace and love within our own homes and communities.

The militia, as it was understood back then, provided for our communities to elect among us officers which we respected to help keep us well organized and equipped so that when any danger presented itself, we would be ready to do what was needed to protect our homes and our towns from aggression.  As our national government was only permitted to raise armies temporarily in times of war, peace would be maintained by our readiness to meet foreign and internal threats on our own accord at all times.  Yet, we let our guard down and allowed our government to do our duty for us, and we got fat and lazy, paying others to take care of us.

Now, after much time has passed, we have become as frogs in a pot of water that was slowly heated to a boiling point.  Not realizing or giving respect to the danger of putting the duty of our defense in the hands of others, we find ourselves oppressed by a government that has instituted thousands of laws that limit our ability to live as we wish and do as we wish, so long as we do no harm against each other.  Now, harm is done to us by those who we relegated our own responsibility, and foreign interests that have no love for us, and no desire to allow us to live together in peace.

Our politics have divided us, as individuals and organizations battle for power and enrichment, introducing hatred and argument into our daily affairs.  We are misguided by a barrage of solutions to created problems, forcing us to deliberate on answers which are unjust in any instance, as it is not for government to decide how we live and what liberties are afforded to us.  We must restore our love for eachother by standing together and realigning ourselves to our own duty to protect our bond of brotherhood and freedom.  That is what the militia is.


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