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As the founder of the American Militia Association, I feel it is my responsibility to present an account of the motivation that has driven me to the formation of this unique organization.

The official and lawful purposes of the American Militia Association that are stated in its Articles of Incorporation were written to meet the legal requirements of the State in which it was formed and to suggest under which section of applicable IRS tax code it wishes the federal Government to recognize it.These official purposes are then generalized into our mission statement that reads simply and shockingly as follows:

"The mission of the American Militia Association is to support and defend the Constitution of the United States of America by training and arming the people of this nation."

It is my personal opinion that our Federal Government, with the cooperation of various State and political subdivisions, through the complacency of a majority of the electorate, under the improper direction of a misguided class of the seemingly elite, has collectively neglected the very purposes specified by the people who have ordained and established these institutions.

As it specifically relates to the Constitution of the United States, it is my premise that Congress has failed to fulfill its provision of a republican form of Government, whereby they have allowed for the inadequate representation of the people in our House of Representatives and permitted false, corrupt policies to dictate the appointment of individuals in our Senate, the office of the President and the courts.Congress has by such derelictions compounded the faults of our self-governance by its continued failure to create a more perfect union as the result of actions which endanger the security of the blessings of Liberty, which are vital to insure our domestic tranquility. Our Supreme Court which acknowledges that the people of this nation have a protected right to redress our Government for grievances, has "ruled" there is no requirement for it to hear them, thus eliminating justice through precedents which are in effect mistakenly referred to as the supreme law of the land, knowing full well that we vested all legislative Powers only to Congress.

Of my greatest concerns however, the most compelling is the apparent lack of acknowledgment by so many Americans that there is an additional element in our Government that has long been forgotten. Such a body to which I refer, having complete sovereign power and authority over the execution of its own contract, we the people of these United States, throughout all days of our union, regardless of the status of any polling place, are the masters of our own destiny and can never be bound into slavery but by our own will.Our binding contract, which we have made between ourselves and where we maintain the unalienable right to alter or abolish it,explicitly provides an inherent protection against our oppression by the fruit of our own mistakes.Our power to see our Constitution faithfully executed is not waived by our appointment of a President.Such strength is not superseded by the authority of Congress to call us forth. No standing army of our own creation is endowed with our permission to act against us.No group of politicians, lawyers or judges have any capacity to disarm the sword of the people, as we have provided explicitly for the protection that our right to possess the means to wield it shall never be infringed upon, and their attempts to redefine it by any Act, which is not an Amendment to our Constitution, nor permissible in accordance with our Declaration of Independence, shall be met with its tip, for our sword is in the force of our own strength.

I speak of course of a word known by many patriots and feared by those who lack understanding of its true definition.This word is militia, which we define as an organized body of the people possessing the power and strength to see to it that the rights inherent to our creation are protected from encroachment by any enemy, foreign or domestic.

Of crucial concern is the level of strength of the militia, which has been neglected by Congress and polluted by the perversion of its Acts, such as those which removed the honorable duty of all able bodied citizens to serve within its ranks and the blatantly offensive attempt of having it fraudulently transformed into voluntary reserve and active components of a standing army.It is for this concern that I conceived with my co-conspirators the creation of an Association that is engineered to harness the advantage of law while operating within its confines in order to re-sharpen the blade of liberty.

Much thought and time have been put into the formation of the American Militia Association.We evaluated the history of the militia and governments dating back to the Roman Empire.We have engaged in exhaustive research on organizations, past and present, formed with similar intent, which have failed or continue to fail to restore the militia and do little to foster the establishment of a nationwide support infrastructure that is free from ANY command or control objectives.

A private national standing army could be considered far more dangerous than one controlled by government.Unelected leaders of such an organization could attempt to conquer the people and force them into enslavement.Top down level pyramid style militarized organizations may also be easily destroyed simply by cutting off their heads, figuratively or otherwise. Such organizations may also be easily infiltrated for the purpose of espionage in an attempt to obtain tactical advantages and to implant provocateurs which could lead the members of the organization to commit illegal acts, rendering the organization in violation of law which would have a toppling effect.Leaderless cell organizations have long been accepted by many patriots as the only viable alternative for private groups who may or may not call themselves militia.

As each State in our Union has their own adopted Constitutions and sets of laws, any national militia organization could never possibly create a single set of policies for lawful command or control. The myriad of beliefs regarding militia authority in various levels of political jurisdiction also make it quite difficult to instill any sense of cohesion between and among private, regional and/or State level groups.These are the reasons why a majority of all attempts to create a national militia organization have failed to be effective.

The result of these failures and reliance by patriots upon leaderless cell organizations which resemble terrorist groups are in a large part responsible for an adverse view of the militia promulgated by the media to the general public.The lack of cohesion, poor communications, widely varied command structures, and restrictions placed upon individuals by laws contrary to our Constitution effectively limit the ability of the militia and the people of these United States to adequately defend our liberties against those which we consider to be our enemies by their intent to remove even our basic rights to life and property.

How then can we ever have the hope of restoring the sword of the people?How can we provide a path that will dispel the myths of the dreaded "M" word throughout America? How can we increase the likelihood that we will have the ability to confront our enemies in a unified, well disciplined and sufficiently armed manner?

The answer to these questions shall now finally be answered by the formation of the American Militia Association, a publicly funded organization with a clearly defined mission of training and arming the people of this nation.Only an organization with such purpose has any hope of restoring the sword of the people.Only a publicly funded organization charged with promoting the fundamental understanding of the Constitution of the United States and true principles of its militia has the genuine capacity to combat misconceptions promulgated by the media, the ADL and SPLC.Only an organization designed from the bottom up to unify the people in each and every community across these United States for the purpose of providing mutual aid and defense to our neighbors could ever possibly be considered strong enough to combat a growing police State, where hired contractors from our own coffers, thought to be employed for the provision of such protections, are confirmed by our courts to have no such requirements.

When we created the American Militia Association we purposely formed the organization to be in compliance with Title 26 U.S. Code § 501(c)(3) placing restrictions on the manner in which we would be permitted to operate. Yet, we did so not for the benefit of being able to receive tax deductible contributions.

Here is what is contained in law under this section:

"(c) List of exempt organizations ... Corporations, and any community chest, fund, or foundation, organized and operated exclusively for religious, charitable, scientific, testing for public safety, literary, or educational purposes, or to foster national or international amateur sports competition (but only if no part of its activities involve the provision of athletic facilities or equipment), or for the prevention of cruelty to children or animals, no part of the net earnings of which inures to the benefit of any private shareholder or individual, no substantial part of the activities of which is carrying on propaganda, or otherwise attempting, to influence legislation (except as otherwise provided in subsection (h)), and which does not participate in, or intervene in (including the publishing or distributing of statements), any political campaign on behalf of (or in opposition to) any candidate for public office. "

501(c)(3) religious organizations are prohibited by the latter clauses of this section, essentially eliminating their effectiveness to directly influence their congregation on political matters.The same restriction applies to our organization as well.However, in order to accomplish the purposes of our organization, such restrictions have absolutely no impact on our ability to operate effectively.The key components of this section which we rely upon are the exclusive purposes permitted for tax exemption.

Our official purpose defined in our Articles of Incorporation state:

"The American Militia Association is incorporated ... exclusively for educational and charitable purposes within the meaning of Section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954 and its regulations, as they now exist or as they may hereafter be amended for the specific purpose of promoting and enhancing the general welfare of communities across the United States as an agency for education, research, public safety and public service; to operate schools of instruction with a focus on constitutional law, community service, civil defense, disaster preparedness, weapon safety, survival techniques and first responder training; and to operate media stations and networks for the extension of these purposes."

If you have a keen eye, you would have picked out the fact that the Association attempts to qualify under 501(c)(3) as an educational organization operating schools which focus on constitutional law. Thus, provided the organization meets every other requirement of the section, which our organizing documents enforce, the federal government could only challenge our 501(c)(3) status on the basis of the teachings contained in our educational programs, which can and will include statements placing them on full notice of their usurpations of the Constitution of the United States.To challenge our status based on our educational program, they would have to assert our teachings are either political or false.This magical condition provides the American Militia Association with standing on such Constitutional issues in federal courts should the IRS make any attempt to block or revoke our tax exempt status.

Regardless of such restrictions or outcomes of any court challenges and possible block or revocation of the Association's standing under the tax code, the organization will continue to operate, and should such come to pass, our restrictions to speak out on political matters as an organization would be lifted, enhancing the scope of our abilities to support our efforts.

All Americans who pay local, State and Federal taxes fund the increasing power of the despotic governments which oppress us.It is time we fund with our monies and/or efforts an organization which will truly work to support and defend our Constitution by sharpening the sword of the people directly in the form of a public charity.Congress has failed in its mandate to provide for organizing, training and arming the militia.The States have failed to act in their stead.This leaves this responsibility to us.

Many of you reading this may have just lost interest.While it is true and imperative that financial support of the organization is necessary, no fee is mandatory from any person who lacks the ability to provide the Association with financial support.Every individual may act by performing services within their local communities to increase the viability of the organization to perform its obligations to its principle purpose which provides for the restoral of the sovereign power of the people.

What must and has been considered is the development of the operational platform by which the Association will operate in order to serve its purpose.In each political subdivision throughout these United States there shall be established representatives at all levels, comparative to committees of safety and information who work directly with the Association in an advisory capacity to the Board of Directors who shall have the authority and duty to supply the jurisdictions with any and all resources the organization is given the capacity to provide.

In addition, a Board of Advisors shall be established by volunteer professionals who are experts in law, finance, communications, disaster preparedness, firearms, military tactics, health, technology and other sciences providing counsel and guidance for the Association's implementation of its training and arming programs.

The Association shall enroll its members as students of it school of instruction and upon accreditation, such members shall be granted access to every tool or resource financed by its enrollment fees or public donations.Militia, other defense organizations, clubs or associations, whose leadership also achieve such accreditation, may become Certified Partner Organizations who may operate approved training and arming programs within their local areas of operation and further supported by their local representatives to the established committees of safety and information.

Many of us may be lost and in despair over the state of our nation.We contemplate solutions on a political basis or may turn inward to destructive and offensive ideas which may ultimately fail or cause a greater contempt for the militia.Many speak of revolution yet fail to realize that our enemies within are comprised not only of tyrants and their paid enforcers.Our enemies during such combat would include those who oppose the restoration of a republican form of government, for they do not understand the difference a democracy imposes upon us.These include many of our own neighbors and family members.

Only by correcting the perceptions of a massive contingent of Americans, regarding the reality of our situation and true nature of our militia, will we be mutually compelled to rise to the call of duty for which our joint participation is mandatory should we have any chance at a successful restoration of our Constitution. Convincing our nation to provide for its own defense against all enemies foreign and domestic cannot be easily accomplished while unaccredited individuals and organizations act without regard to the image of the militia.A concerted effort and regular communications system is necessary to combat proposals and acts of unassociated individuals who cannot represent the professionalism of the genuine defenders of our liberties.

The organizers of the American Militia Association have no delusions of grandeur nor any will or capacity under its rules to command or control the actions of any individual or group.Our powers only include the extent of support to be provided or rescinded under the guidance and participation of our enrollees and Certified Partner Organizations who shall freely exercise their rights granted to them by their creation.

The Association will make public statements of facts regarding Constitutional law which may be opposed by the Federal Government through acts of the Internal Revenue Service and courts, for which we shall maintain legal standing.This includes supporting statements of fact regarding usurpations by public officials promulgated by evidentiary scholastic research and investigation.We shall also have the capacity to issue statements regarding the acts of individuals and groups failing to adhere to the Constitutional, professional, legal and ethical standards adopted by the Association and enforced by our ability to prohibit or rescind accreditation by the Association.

Our vision for the future of the United States of America is one in which each man and woman is the individual master of his or her own destiny, where the rights afforded to us by our creation are actually enforced and protected by the true might of our union.The sword of the people must remain forever sharp, and our American Militia Association shall be the stone to provide its edge.

While there is so much more to discuss regarding the things which may be accomplished by a unified association of individuals and organizations with such aspirations to jointly rally together in the protection of liberty, there is only so much you may be willing to read about in a single sitting.We must continue to develop solutions to the problems facing our nation where politics and other aspects of diversity have divided us and prevented the forward progress in the establishment of a more perfect union.I beg you to join with your neighbors and fellow patriots to endeavor upon a path which we shall cut across the field of despotism in order to lead our brothers and sisters to the perpetual secured freedoms we are compelled to provide for our sons, daughters and future generations. I have taken up the sword, yet the weight of tyranny and oppression requires your participation if it is to be wielded or held up as a deterrent against those who would harm us.

Robert Gerry Kluver, Jr., Founder
American Militia Association

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