Prayer For Peaceful Resolution to Oregon Standoff

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The situation in Oregon has taken a dramatic turn after the arrest and death of Lavoy Finicum last night. The people remaining at the refuge are literally digging in and preparing for a fight. The media has been warned that they should leave the area and most if not all have done so. The refuge is surrounded by agents and I can confirm at least one drone was spotted above the refuge and was shot at by some member(s) there. There are calls coming from the people there for more to come and assist them, however there are road blocks in place leading to the area and a strong presence of troops from various agencies. The drone was most likely doing recon. If you feel that these men and women who have decided to take this stand should be murdered you need to take a long hard look at that position. Our prayers go out for both those who have decided to take this stand and those who are following the orders of their government commanders. Tensions are extremely high. Please allow this situation to end peacefully without any further death or injury. While I make that plea however the situation looks very grim indeed. I would personally advise that anyone having an urge to join this fight that they be advised that any effort to do so will very likely result in the use of force against them. The situation is by no means safe. Cooler heads should prevail here and time taken to settle down and seriously think of the consequences of action on either side of this standoff. It was originally reported that those at the facility would be allowed to leave without fear of arrest, although we suspect certain individuals would still be subject to arrest on the same charges in which the Bundy brothers have been charged with. We have no official word on whether or not a grant to leave is still in place, and it would now be up to the members present to either surrender or be overwhelmed by a stronger force which may ultimately result in the death, casualty or arrest. What can be done to prevent bloodshed? With roads blocked its hard to imagine a line of peaceful unarmed citizens being able to get close enough to blockade any action from taking place. Do you believe they should be killed for their beliefs? If you feel that way I beg you to reconsider. These men and women have families. They have strong convictions that have resulted in their decision to stay and stand for what they believe in. There is no justification possible for their murder at the hands of the government which we the people have given our authority. I plead with those given such authority that they should stand down immediately or simply maintain the security stance they have taken until negotiators can bring this standoff to some peaceful resolution. The lives of everyone involved in this situation have value. We need to respect that value of life and do everything possible to prevent any further loss of any life on either side.
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