State Secession, Civil War or Revolution?

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Liberty vs. Long Train of AbusesWhile I would never argue a right of the States to secede, it is true we have been down this dark road before which cost many lives on both sides of the Civil War.

The moral duty I believe is to correct the imperfections of the federal government, by all means necessary, neither resorting to resignation nor violence until or unless all other means have been exhausted. I've heard the genuine argument that many feel as if all political means have been rendered inept, that the corruption of the States and Federal government are beyond repair, that no peaceful efforts by the people could possibly topple the entrenched despots from power.

While that may or may not be true, some of us hang on to a hope that the corruption of blood might be avoided, encountered through another civil war or upon revolution, and that the very instruments that bind us will eventually free us from the blight of progressive wills that tear down the individual and centralize all affairs in the central government.

Proud patriots and lovers of the ideals expressed by Madison and Jefferson (those great contributors to our founding charters, following the principles espoused by John Locke, never imagining that those instruments would guide our nation for so long a period of time) we must hold to these principles and endure the long train of abuses and usurpations for as long as possible! While there is no doubt that we have been enduring, and that each year more boxcars weigh down our will, our imperfect contract provides us with peaceful tools, legal tools, and un-exercised powers to both confront and correct despotism in our governments.

To surrender through secession is to negate the efforts of all who came before us seeking to establish a more perfect union among us. We must strive to fight onward and never give up that fight. We must hold not only our elected representatives, but our neighbors, and most importantly, ourselves, accountable for our condition. Unless you yourself and everyone you know has exhausted every effort and thought process on the matter and truly run out of all hope, your cause is morally light and transient in comparison to the great efforts of those who have fought and died to continue this grand experiment founded upon the absolute truth and virtue, that each of us is born with unalienable rights afforded to us by our mere creation.

Longer further we must endure and continue that fight for what we know in our hearts is absolutely worth the effort: a society in which all people are free, where the government of our creation, in which we must faithfully, willfully and actively participate in its control and operation, works not to enslave us - but to secure us from harm (both from the exterior and the interior) and does nothing more than is necessary to protect every individual from the harm or reduction of their rights by any other, including that government which we maintain for that very purpose.

Hold fast and hold strong. Hold the line. Do that work which is necessary. No single generation can right all of which is wrong. Our mission is clearly to continue stay vigilant, to instill in the generations which follow us that this effort must always continue, and that we never let our guard down against those who wish to oppress our liberties.

It is the defeatist attitude, that all is lost, resorting to rash approaches such as secession or violent conflicts - which acts as burning coal to to further drive that train of abuses, in simply adding fuel to the fire by those who seek to extinguish your will for the benefit of the collective. We must stay aboard the always moving train in order to disconnect that bad cargo, throwing off the burdens of tyranny and lightening the load for freedom's enjoyment by all.

Derailment will surely cause death and destruction, as it has time and again throughout the cause of man. The only result would be that future generations of free men, women and children would be stamped out of their potential existence. Yet, the laws of nature will once again take to the rails of society and the formations of new, well intended governments, where evil cargo will again evolve once our laziness ensues upon our failure to always uphold our individual duty, to secure that which is ours alone to give away.

I am compelled by history to acknowledge the fallacy of secession and war, to seek peaceful revolutions when times require them.  Our Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States must be revered and defended at all costs.  The correct resolution is stay on the righteous path those documents lay upon our feet, to secure the blessings of liberty through a more perfect union, and to battle against diversion from the principles of liberty to which each of us is entitled, not only today but forever without end.

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