Militia Chatroom

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This interactive web based chat system will allow you to communicate with other registered users of the American Militia Association.

You can connect to the A.M.A. using a current social network account or create one with us directly by clicking here.

There is no fee to register as an online user. Additional fees do apply for our certification program unless you qualify for reduced or free tuition.

Our online chat system is a FREE SPEECH ZONE, however you must not use the Militia Chatroom to endorse or oppose any political candidate for office nor engage in hate speech of any kind against any group or individual of particluar race, ethnic group, religion, sexual or political orientation. Discussion of any acts of hatred or violence will not be tolerated. All other topics, including disagreements with other members and their opinions WILL BE tolerated. You may ignore any member at any time. The posting of links, images and videos, are allowed. We have special facilities which enable the synchronous sharing of many media types with all members of the chatroom. Enjoy!