Enrollment in The American Militia Association

Enrollment in the American Militia Association is open to all men and women who permanently and legally reside within any political subdivision the United States, having reached the accepted age of maturity in their respective community, who are of good moral character and without any limitation according to race, ethnicity, religious, political or sexual preference.

Because the American Militia Association is a 501(c)(3) educational and charitable organization, we are not a typical membership organization like those you may be used to such as the American Legion, National Rifle Association (NRA) or Gun Owners of America (GOA).

Our "members" are actually our enrolled students and alumni, who pay a very minimal annual tuition or continuing education contribution of just $25.00 per year. Grants are offered by the Association for the poor who can not afford the low annual cost of enrollment, although we encourage all students and alumni to make annual contributions in order to provide financial support our mission.

The Annual Enrollment contribution is just $25.00 per year.
Lifetime enrollment is now available for a single one-time contribution of $500.00.


The first step in the enrollment process is to create your FREE account on this website.