Militia Groups

If you are interested in joining or starting a militia group, the American Militia Association will assist you as best we can. We are currently reaching out to groups and making arrangements to certify them as our partners. While we could simply list known groups and their point of contacts, we want to be careful regarding any official recommendations we make. We will be offering this service in an effort to protect individuals from teaming up with groups who may have agendas, purposes or leadership that engage in illegal activities or inappropriate discrimination. There are certain aspects of some groups out there that make them dangerous to associate with and can not be distinguished from armed gangs or in fact genuine domestic terrorist organizations.

The basic course offerred by our Association will hopefully assist groups and members to solidify their understanding of the facts and laws regarding the joining or formation and operations of a militia group.

The American Militia Association will only list or recommend groups after their leadership has taken and passed the course, and may rescind the certification of any groups for cause should they be discovered to have engaged in practices which go against the positive nature of community based public defense or support organizations.

If you are a member of a militia group, gun club, defense force or other like organization which has not yet been certified by the Association, and would like more information about how your group can obtain that certification, click here.

Group leaders of our Certified Partner Organizations are also members of the Association's Board of Advisors Leadership Group, who help guide us in our support role by expressing the needs of their respective groups and working with us to fulfill our mission of arming and training the militia across these United States.


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