Introduction to the American Militia Association

Don't Tread on Me
We the people formed these United States of America, and granted specific powers to our federal government through the ratification of our founding documents which include the Declaration of Independence, The Articles of Confederation, The Constitution of the United States and the Bill of Rights. We reserve the powers not enumerated to the Government in these documents to ourselves, including the right to keep and bear arms, and the power to defend ourselves against any enemy, foreign or domestic, which seeks to destroy or dismantle the sovereign powers of the people over the affairs of our nation.

For the rights which we hold to be self-evident, we have instituted our Government in an effort to secure them, and failing its effectiveness maintain the right to alter or abolish it.

Today, as many Americans believe that the Government of our own creation has effectively rendered its ruling class and standing armies as superior to our Civil power, some have realized our obligation to restore the authority of the people as the supreme rulers over the affairs of this nation.

Guided by this realization, some of the people of these United States have formed militia units scattered about the nation with a fundamental notion to defend our liberties. Of critical importance is that some groups claim a stated goal to overthrow a tyrannical government, operate in defiance of established law or exist under a shroud of secrecy, giving rise to a general public opinion that our citizen militias consist of rogue, decentralized groups of extremists that may be inclined to terrorize rather than to defend our nation.

As a matter of fact, truth dictates the acknowledgment that an abundance of laws have been declared to have been enacted contrary to the powers granted by the people, giving justification for measured defiance. However, absent majority public support of the people, the actions of such individuals or groups may adversely impact the overall strength and ability of the people to provide for its defense.

We hold that the strength of such individuals and groups acting alone or in secrecy, and without support, are inadequate to our requirements, although it is each persons right to defend life, liberty and property to the best of his or her ability whenever such rights are in peril.

We contend that each individual participating in the defense of our Civil power has a solemn duty to adhere to certain standards and pledge an oath and allegience to each other as brothers and sisters in arms.

For these reasons, we have formed the American Militia Association, which shall serve to educate the public as to the limited powers of our established government, the necessary exercise of our right to defend ourselves from all enemies, foreign and domestic, provide instruction and guidance for the establishment or advancement of militia units, to establish a certification for individuals and groups necessary to promote commonly accepted standards of training and practices that shall serve to improve the overall public image of the militia, increase its number of participants and promote its readiness through direct charitable contributions to eligible individuals and groups.

All natural born citizens of these United States of America are invited to enroll as a student and volunteer of the American Militia Association in accordance with the requirements of our "Enrollment Procedures".

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The official seal of the American Militia Association:

The image shown above contains a number of symbols which represent the founding principles of our organization. In the foreground there is a sword, with the words "Molon Labe" written in greek, daring anyone to come and take the sword of the people, which is protected by a pair of rattlesnakes. The historical musket is then crossed with a modern day AR-15, which represents the past and present role of the militia to protect freedom, represented by the wings behind them and the torch of liberty which makes for part of the sword's handle. Also found on the sword's handle is the roman numeral III, representing the three percent of the population needed to rid America from tyrannical rule during the first American Revolutionary War. Finally, behind everything is a crucifix affixed with a partial image of Jesus Christ, signifying the core Christian values that our nation was founded upon.

Message From The A.M.A. Founder

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