Burns, Oregon Schools Remain Closed. Why?

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Burns Oregon SchoolEvidence has been provided to us that some schools in Burns, Oregon, which have been closed since January 4th, remain closed as these facilities are being used by the local and federal authorities to coordinate their activities.  The protesters at the Refuge are well outside of the town and pose absolutely no risk to students or teachers at the school.

Those are two Harney County Sheriff's office deputies guarding the door in the photo above.

While the town is somewhat divided on the presence of outsiders, they are quite upset that their children have not been able to attend school.  That ability however is not the fault of those who have occupied the Refuge.

No shots have yet to be fired in or near the town of Burns nor is there any existing imminent threat.  There is no risk to the safety of the school children within Burns, itself.  The mainstream media, also stationed at the school as evidenced by their abandoned news trucks sitting in the parking lot of the school, have been hyping the story to lead you to believe that the citizens of Burns are so scared of what is going on 30 miles outside of town that they have locked down the schools, which is completely a false narrative.

To recap:  A group of armed citizens have proclaimed to have taken over facilities at a Wildlife Refuge in a very remote location in Oregon, that at the time of the take over, no federal employees were present and no one has yet to be harmed, injured or threatened other than the perceived threat of force which exists by the mere presences of arms and statements by some participating persons that they will die defending their rights if they have to.

Federal public responses thus far include the issuance of orders to its employees to use alternate facilities and the apparent dispatch of federal enforcement agents to Burns, Oregon likely at the school where U.S. Government license plates have been identified.

The fear is that the federal agents will be using these schools to conduct command and control and tactical planning operations for an eventual confrontation with those at the Refuge which could lead to some degree of violence.  Some have called for unarmed citizens to act as a buffer between the two sides while those at the Refuge and among scattered groups across the United States continue to call for more armed citizens to head to the Refuge and take a stand.

At a town council meeting in Burns, Oregon the Harney County Sheriff David Ward called for the outsiders to leave and even offered to escort them out of the County should they choose to do so.  Some at the meeting spoke up in support of the actions being taken while others objected.  Clearly the town is divided, a division Ward lays on the feet of the men who have taken over the Refuge.

The F.B.I. has reportedly taken lead over what ever actions may take place at the Refuge.  It is unclear how long the authorities will continue to use the schools and when the Children of Burns will have an opportunity to get back to class.

"My own position on this matter remains fluid.  I believe firmly that we have a right to come together for the collective defense of our liberties, however I also believe that any group leading such an effort should be primarily made up of citizens of Harney County, Oregon and that Bundy should not be either the face or voice of any stand taken there by Oregonians.  I also do not believe at this point that any crime has been committed, as I believe it is impossible to trespass on public land or facilities when exercising rights protected by both the First and Second Amendments to the Constitution.  This is essentially nothing more than a protest and while violence may be feared, none has occurred.  No action by federal enforcement agencies should be taken against these protesters so long as they remain peaceful, and yes - you can be peaceful while armed.  When you take the word armed out of the equation when used by the media reporting on this story it takes on an entirely new meaning.  Why is that?  You have been taught to fear your own neighbors." - Rob Kluver.

Ammon Bundy is aware of the activity at the school and has been advised that 5 arrest warrants have been obtained and that there is planning happening at Lincoln High School which has been fenced off for the serving of these warrants and likely impending raid.  In his own words, he is "getting ready".

The Oathkeepers founder has issued a warning as well based on their information and have advised that children should be removed from the Refuge immediately.  NOTE:  This is not the first time there was a false claim made by Rhodes regarding an imminent raid.  At the Nevada Bundy Standoff a similar claim was made regarding a drone strike or some other strike coming which never did.

We are hoping all of these reports of an imminent raid are false.  Time will tell.

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