Bundy v. Hammond v. United States

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While Dwight and Steven Hammond have apparently made statements to the public that they do not wish a stand-off over their legal matters, members of the Bundy Family have worked with others to orchestrate the take over of federal offices in Harney County, Oregon at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge.

While it is believed that the Hammonds do not want any sort of stand-off or confrontation, some patriots operating under the name of militia and III% groups have converged on the area.  There are conflicting reports of the number of individuals on scene, some stating in between 100 and 200 souls, and other reports of merely a dozen or so persons.

This situation is fluid as are the frustrations of many Americans, some with a desire to go to Oregon and assist.  Both Oathkeepers and nationally organized III% groups have mostly denounced the action taken by Ammon Bundy and others, however there are huge divisions among their members.

It has come to our attention that the men in Oregon are asking for donations of clothing and other items to help them deal with the cold weather.  The move to occupy the federal facility was not planned and came about after some discussion on the day it took place.

The official position of the American Militia Association is neither to endorse nor oppose a specific action by non-certified groups.  Private individuals claiming themselves to be "militia" or being perpetuated by the news media as "militia" likely do not conform to a legal or Constitutional based definition of the term.  However, in spirit, these individuals are attempting to make a stand to defend their liberty and the liberties of others.  Doing so, we believe is both an individual and collective right.  We are however, a nation of laws, and while not all are enacted in adherence to the Constitution, those which are ought to be followed.  We hope those at the refuge agree and will act accordingly.

It us our understanding at the time of this writing, that no individual federal agent was present at the location during its "take over" and that no individuals had been threatened or otherwise assaulted with a deadly weapon.  It is also our understanding that there are no staged local or federal authorities at or near the refuge.  In fact, employees have been advised to stay clear of the area and to use alternate locations for operations.
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