Militia Not Welcome on the Border?

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Border"The organizer of this weekend’s planned protest to shut down international ports of entry have a message to militia groups – You are not welcome. This statement came in response to a Breitbart Texas article about police agency preparations for the protest planned for the weekend."

With all the recent activity on the U.S. and Mexico Border by patriots who want to help stop illegal crossings, both the leadership at Camp Lonestar and Staysi Barth, protest organizer planning to shut down the border on September 20th, 2014, are doing their best to distance themselves from the dreaded 'M' word.  What many of us may be wondering is, Why are these groups are trying so hard to eliminate the militia from the equation?

The mainstream media is of course referring to both groups as militia, regardless of the claims being made by the leadership of these groups.  Are they worried that use of the term "militia" will result in unwanted negative attention?  Are their claims even valid?

Members of Camp Lonestar are actively recruiting for support on the Modern Militia Movement's website and site members have been contributing money and supplies to their operation.  Are those persons contributing aware that they are effectively doing their best to state they are publically denouncing the militia?

What is most assuredly true is that the Bundy Ranch situation in Nevada is fresh on the mind of news reporters, patriots and government agencies who are all awaiting the next great clash between civilians and federal law enforcement.  While both groups assuredly want public attention, they may likely be fearful of another armed confrontation or negative publicity by their mere association with militia.  The facts of course, are that all able bodied Americans are members of the militia unless they are specifically exempted.  It is also true that both groups are acting in an attempt to repel invasion, one of the specific tasks giving purpose to the militia.

Some local law enforcement officers in Texas have hinted that they are worried about militias being on the border, not knowing what to expect and suggesting that there is a potential for violent clashes with such groups.  The U.S. Border Patrol who has already had an agent fire upon one of the members from Camp Lonestar, rather being reprimanded for its unlawful discharge of a firearm against an American citizen on private land, is blaming the problem on the militia.

No matter how hard these groups attempt to isolate themselves from the concept of the militia, they should probably embrace the term, especially since the media and law enforcement will consider them in the same light, regardless of their statements to the contrary.

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