SPLC Anti-Militia Propoganda Video Released

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SPLC Anti-Militia Video on YouTube

Latest Deragotory Video About The Militia As Anti-Government Extremists

James Cavanaugh, a retired federal ATF agent known to many as "Waco Jim" in relationship to his role in the slaughter of women and children in 1993, hosts a new video released by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) infamous for their anti-militia rhetoric and media releases in opposition of American freedom and your rights protected by the Second Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America.

In this video, clips and screenshots from the Bundy incidents in Nevada and Oregon, Lavoy Finicum and his execution, Camp Lone Star, and even Oathkeepers in Michigan come together with Cavanaugh's script to portray the entire American militia movement as anti-government extremists which are a danger to law enforcement and local communities.  The bias in this video comes as no surprise as yet another hit piece against people and groups whose only motivation are securing the blessings of liberty by the SPLC and funded by the Anti Defamation League, a group which has become experts in the exact opposite of their title.  These groups have framed many well known patriots as racists or criminals without a shred of evidence.

Cavanaugh attempts to tell the viewers of the video, obviously targeting law enforcement and local councils, that patriots will try to enlist their help or convince convince them to follow their Oaths to an alleged twisted version of the Constitution, which include recognition of the Sheriff as the highest elected law enforcement officer in a County (which is true), the limits of power which restrict the federal government, and the right of the people to keep and bear arms for the defense of themselves and their communities.

It is important that law enforcement agencies and local governments understand their State Constitutions and the Constitution of the United States.  This video attempts to tell these agencies that by doing so, they would be in danger of violating the law and that sovereign citizens, militias, veterans and former law enforcement officers represent an assumed potential for violence.  We must hope that those who view this video understand that the militia is simply the citizenry themselves, armed and trained to be there to protect and assist our communities during civil emergencies and God forbid, domestic or foreign enemies upon your doorstep.  The primary role of the militia is defense, not the conduct of violent offensive acts.  We are not a danger to ourselves or our neighbors, we are only a danger to those who would harm you.

There is no other purpose of this video than to subvert the people's right to defend liberty through the use of fear tactics, presenting the militia as antisocial, dangerous, intimidating violent anti-government groups coming to a town near you to cause chaos.

It is important that the leadership of today's patriot and militia groups recognize the campaign against them by mainstream media and well funded organizations such as the SPLC.  We should be fighting against the false narrative campaigns with our own videos.  There is no doubt that the SPLC is an enemy of the militia movement, and we must fight fire with fire.  We can do that here through the American Militia Association, so please consider donating to our organization so that we can directly combat against this campaign by the SPLC.

Here is the video from the SPLC:
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