Official Press Release Issued By

RE: Advisory: Visiting Militias In Sovereign Border States


If you feel compelled to travel to one of the border states in order to assist local residents in securing the border against illegal alien invasion, doing so could be illegal.  Absent a call of Congress and leadership of the President, it may be against the law to take up arms in a foreign State.  While we are supposedly secured in our right to keep and bear arms, some states have laws prohibiting non-residents from carrying firearms on their person either concealed or in the open.

Generally, the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution is incorporated to the states, however many are well aware of a number of restrictive State laws and local ordinances which have been upheld by the Supreme Court.  While we would agree than any law which infringes upon our right to keep and bear arms is unjust and unconstitutional, enforcement agencies and courts refuse to recognize the invalidity of such laws and you may be subject to arrest, fines and other penalties.

Of particular legal concern is the ownership of the property where you may intend to participate in border control activities.  You do not have the right to step foot on any land without the permission of its owner, with or without arms.  Do not take for granted that any local leadership of any group in the area has the authority to permit you to enter upon private property.  You should determine the owner of the property and request permission for you and the members of your group from him or her exclusively.

State and Federal Lands may also have rules or regulations concerning the carrying of firearms on such property.  You should contact the responsible agency before entering such property armed as well.  Property which is open to the public may still have rules or regulations concerning the time you may access the property, the types of vehicles allowed and more.

When engaging a potential enemy near the border, especially when there are no clear markings as to which side you are on, firing a weapon across the border may spark an International conflict.  Be sure to bring a working GPS or other location aware enabled device with additional batteries to ensure you are always aware of your location and the location of the boundary between nations.

For your own safety, when in a foreign State, you should do all that you can to ensure that you well aware of that State's applicable laws and such local ordinances within the area where you will be conducting operations.  You and your visiting groups, to avoid conflicts and animosities, should coordinate with and be subject to the command of the State or local militia leadership.

No part of this statement should be construed to present or suggest any political opinion, endorsement or objection for or against any political cause or candidate.