Official Press Release Issued By

RE: Official OAS Warning


The militias within these United States can not support a mission such as Operation American Spring, which by design and art of words, is a call of sedition with the purpose to lead patriots into illegal acts of insurrection against the people of this nation. Furthermore, any groups or individuals claiming to be militia within these United States with any plan to remove an elected official through the threat of a mob, based on the principles of mass and/or unconstitutional tribunal, would be doing so in a rogue manner, counter to the compact of our Constitution and may be considered an enemy of the people, for which no support or comfort could be lawfully provided by the militias of this nation.

Individuals with plans to visit Washington, D.C. in May of 2014 may wish to reconsider and are advised to keep a safe distance from any groups or individuals identifying themselves as part of Operation American Spring and obey any dispersal order by law enforcement. Individuals may be well advised to refrain from the wearing of any militia related patches, camouflage clothing or military uniform, having possession of any firearm, or making any declarative statements regarding membership or affiliation with any militia group while traveling to and from or in and around the District of Columbia and the States of nearby Maryland and Virginia.

"No matter the level of our satisfaction with an elected government, it is our responsibility to correct that situation collectively through a process that ensures our equal representations. The true form of a patriot is one who shall stand against violations of the compact we live under, on the ground under their very feet, moving not to the call of any action which would violate it."

No part of this statement should be construed to present or suggest any political opinion, endorsement or objection for or against any political cause or candidate.