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Congress and our States fund their standing armies and militarized police forces with our stolen tax dollars!  We The People must fund our militias!
Please help support our programs with any amount you can spare.
Your Donations are Tax Deductible. We are a 501(c)(3) Tax-Exempt Non Profit Organization and Public Charity.
Defending a nation from foreign or domestic aggressors is impossible within the interior of the United States, without some form of unified training standards, locally accessible weapons of war, and a substantial number of souls willing and able to come together in a time of great peril.  Waiting until that need arises to prepare for such plausible dangers however would subjugate our nation to unnecessary risk of brutality, enslavement and even death.

Every penny contributed to the American Militia Association is directly spent on programs which intend to restore the once grand sense of duty held by past generations who valued our right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness and their bound obligation to defend those things which we hold most dear.

Your donation will help our organization help individuals and groups across the United States to once again recognize these principles and specifically fund education programs, media outreach programs, and the actual establishment of local chapters, armories and defensive outposts throughout the nation, staffed by volunteer citizens in full cooperation with local political jurisdictions and appropriately equipped for their role as local militia.

The "Militia" is not a vigilante gang of thugs.  It is you, and everyone else in your community who come together to ensure our ultimate safety from dangers we seldom concern ourselves with as prosperity and innovation have allowed us to forget about those genuine evils which will always exist in this world and which must always be guarded against.

In a genuine large scale conflict, State and local police and even National Guard troops would be easily overwhelmed without quick reinforcements by regiments of the forgotten 'unorganized' local militia.  The sad truth is that most Americans would not be up to this challenge nor have any of the required skills needed to defend their communities other than what they think they may have learned from video game consoles or hunting.

The Second Amendment protects our right not only to keep and bear arms, but also our right to be free, which can only be possible through the functional working order of the people to present those arms in an effective manner to any force which threatens our life, liberty or property.

I urge you to sacrifice your life, your fortunes and your sacred honor to defend freedom for the posterity of our children.  However, if the least you can do is contribute to the efforts of others who might stand in your stead, I plead with you to financially support our organization staffed completely by unpaid volunteers who have come together to resolve the issues which keep the American militia man and woman from coming together for this great purpose.

Absolutely no part of any donation to the American Militia Association inures to my own financial benefit or that of our volunteer board members, officers and staff.  We are a 501(c)(3) charitable and educational organization and your contributions are tax deductible up to an amount equal to half of your annual reported income.  We ask only that you contribute what you can spare or what you might feel an investment in the freedom of Americans for the next generation is worth to you.

To make a donation, please use our donation buttons found here and other pages on our website or send your check, money order or other material contribution to us by mail to the "American Militia Association", 1112 Matlick Rd, Meyersdale, PA 15552-6145.  You may also setup a subscription for monthly, quarterly or annual contributions.

Thank you for your consideration in the support of this cause.

Robert Kluver
Founder & President
American Militia Association

Any Amount Appreciated