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The Plot to Bomb Garden City, Kansas
Story posted about the case of Patrick Stein, Gavin Wright, Curtis Allen and the setup by FBI informant Dan Day.  This story of course blames the group's a... By
Attention! You May be in the Militia
This article recently appeared in a Cape May County, New Jersey article. Locals are surprised to find out there are still militia ordinances on the books. By
Meet Redneck Revolt, the radical leftist group arming working-class people so they can defend minorities
You may have heard about this group "Redneck Revolt", with some members having patches that include the likeness of Marxist Che Guevara.  While we are not ... By

Latest Official Press Releases

Advisory: Visiting Militias In Sovereign Border States
If you feel compelled to travel to one of the border states in order to assist local residents in securing the border against illegal alien invasion, doing so c... (Issued on )
Official OAS Warning
The militias within these United States can not support a mission such as Operation American Spring, which by design and art of words, is a call of sedition wit... (Issued on )

Blog Posts by Our Staff

State Secession, Civil War or Revolution?
To surrender is to negate the efforts of all who came before us seeking to establish a more perfect union among us. We must strive to fight onward and never give up that fight. We must hold not only our elected representatives, but our neighbors, and most (Posted by on )
Prayer For Peaceful Resolution to Oregon Standoff
The lives of everyone involved in this situation in Oregon have value. We need to respect that value of life and do everything possible to prevent any further loss of any life on either side. (Posted by on )
Capture The Flag!
Hatred and division spreads throughout America over flags and symbols while our enemies unite against us. (Posted by on )
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