Board of Advisors

The Board of Advisors is a special subcommittee appointed by the Directors of the American Militia Association in accordance with our bylaws. The purpose of this board is to provide advice and support to the Association on specific matters in all aspects of law, investigation of facts, military operations and tactics, militia leadership, communications and finance.

Members of the Board of Advisors also have a functional oversight role in providing a required annual review of the Board of Directors and supervision of any Article IV Section 1(e) hearing for the removal of a Director.

Article II Section 7.
(ByLaws of the American Militia Association)

The Association shall establish a Board of Advisors consisting of all the members of each of the following committees which shall be hereby created:

(a)         The Legal Group shall consist of persons with adequate legal experience as either current or former Judges, Attorneys, Law Professors and Constitutional Scholars in good standing, one or more of which who should be a member of the Supreme Court Bar Association, and shall have a primary duty of discussing matters of law concerning the policies and programs of the Association.

(b)        The Investigation Group shall consist of persons with sufficient skills in investigative services, including current or former law enforcement and members of the press, having a primary responsibility to investigate matters concerning the Association.

(c)         The Military Advisory Group shall consist of persons, having been former commissioned or non-commissioned officers in the United States Army, United States Marines Corps, United States Navy, United States Air Force, and United States Coast Guard, each having been discharged honorably, and organized for the primary purpose of advising the Association on matters related to veteran's affairs, and the experience and knowledge of organizational and military tactics of the federal standing armies of this nation.

(d)        The Leadership Group shall consist of the chief executive officer, principal leader or appointed representative of each organization currently Certified as a Partner of the Association, having the sole purpose of advising the Association on matters concerning their organization.

(e)         The Communications Group shall consist of persons who have proven experience in communication technology, and may include one or more persons who possess a valid ham radio license of an expert class from the FCC, and one or more persons having been members of the United States Army Signal Corps, having the primary purpose of advising the Association on matters concerning communications.

(f)         The Financial Group shall consist of persons with an extensive background in economics, accounting, nonprofit fundraising, Internal Revenue Service code enforcement or banking, having the primary purpose of advising the Association on financial matters.

Board of Advisors