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Victory in Nevada Trial for Bundy Supporters
Four men charged with felonies for their participation in the 2014 Bundy Stand-off in Nevada were not convicted after a second attempt again resulted in mistria... Posted by
SPLC Anti-Militia Propoganda Video Released
Latest Deragotory Video About The Militia As Anti-Government Extremists James Cavanaugh, a retired federal ATF agent known to many as "Waco Jim" in relat... Posted by
Sheriff Ward Shakes Hands With Bundy - But No Deal
Harney County, Oregon Sheriff Dave Ward meets with Ammond Bundy in a remote and neutral location just outside of the refuge to discuss an escort offer to safel... Posted by
Burns, Oregon Schools Remain Closed. Why?
Evidence has been provided to us that some schools in Burns, Oregon, which have been closed since January 4th, remain closed as these facilities are being used ... Posted by
Bundy v. Hammond v. United States
While Dwight and Steven Hammond have apparently made statements to the public that they do not wish a stand-off over their legal matters, members of the Bundy F... Posted by
Cartel Threat Causes Border Protest Cancellation
PROTEST IS CANCELLED.....PROTEST IS CANCELLED...... "There has been an unsubstantiated threat of mass violence to attendees, along with very suspicious activi... Posted by
Militia Not Welcome on the Border?
"The organizer of this weekend’s planned protest to shut down international ports of entry have a message to militia groups – You are not welcome. T... Posted by
Leader of Texas border militia group background emerges
San Antonio, TX The Texas militia, known as “Operation Secure Our Border,” is being led by Chris Davis, a 37-year-old truck driver who was disc... Posted by
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